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Duuz Delax Rex



Name: Duuz Delax Rex
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Saurian
Height: 2.2m ( 7' 3")
Weight: 110 kg (242 lbs)
Occupation: Combat Specialist
Interests: Sword-Collecting, Crossword Puzzles

Duuz is the Platoon Commander of the private security company, Angel Links, and takes charge of all operations which require his hand-to-hand combat expertise. He sports a rugged look by donning a bomber jacket, but in contrast, he wears what seems to be a traditional Chinese shirt under it.

Duuz is a proud & noble Saurian, a race of genetically engineered dinosaur-men. He possesses the pride of a warrior and always maintains a strong sense of justice and duty towards the preservation of life.

Duuz's hobbies are solving crossword puzzles and sword-collecting. He has an undying love for swords and he definitely knows how to wield them. You'll find him polishing his prized weapon all the time.

Duuz has the habit of referring to humans as "mammals". He is also a vegetarian, and hates it whenever his crew-mates go out for seafood meals .

Despite his fierce & intimidating appearance, Duuz is a pacifist. He is quite anti-social and doesn't speak much, but when he does, he usually says something meaningful or amusing. Duuz is also contemplative and tends to make appropriate decisions when faced with difficult situations.

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